Web Design & Development

Section: Design & Development

Lecture-01: Introduction to WordPress
Lecture-02: What We Need to Know First
Lecture-03: Introduction to HTML/CSS & PHP
Lecture-04: Make Computer PHP Ready
Lecture-05: Installing xampp on your computer
Lecture-06: My First PHP Code
Lecture-07: PHP Operational Trail
Lecture-08: Comments in PHP
Lecture-09: PHP Calculation
Lecture-10: Variables in PHP
Lecture-11: Concatenation in PHP
Lecture-12: Single and Double Quote
Lecture-13: Do not get Confused
Lecture-14: Diffrenet Data Types in PHP
Lecture-15: Integer, Float, String, Null Value
Lecture-16: Array
Lecture-17: PHP if else Statement
Lecture-18: Comparison Operators
Lecture-19: While Loop in PHP
Lecture-20: Do While Loop
Lecture-21: For Loop
Lecture-22: End of PHP Basic Tutorial
Lecture-23: Lets Start Wordpress
Lecture-24: Wordpress Manual installation
Lecture-25: Wordpress Dashboard-1
Lecture-26: Wordpress Dashboard-2
Lecture-27: WordPress Dashboard-3
Lecture-28: WordPress Dashboard-4
Lecture-29: Wordpress Dashboard-5
Lecture-30: WordPress Dashboard-6
Lecture-31: WordPress Dashboard-7
Lecture-32: WordPress Dashboard-8
Lecture-33: WordPress Dashboard-09
Lecture-34: WordPress Dashboard-10
Lecture-35: WordPress Dashboard-11
Lecture-36: WordPress Dashboard-12
Lecture-37: WordPress Dashboard-13
Lecture-38: WordPress Dashboard-14
Lecture-39: My First WordPress Theme
Lecture-40: Dynamic Title
Lecture-41: Dynamic Header
Lecture-42: Dynamic Post
Lecture-43: HTML to Wordpress
Lecture-44: Essential Changes
Lecture-45: WP Enqueue Scripts
Lecture-46: Separating Template Parts
Lecture-47: Dynamic Header
Lecture-48: Dynamic Menu
Lecture-49: Dynamic Menu 2
Lecture-50: Dynamic Post
Lecture-51: Post Meta Data
Lecture-52: WordPress Featured Image
Lecture-53: WordPress Featured Image Size Control
Lecture-54: After Theme Setup-Confusion
Lecture-55: Sidebar Registration
Lecture-56: Multiple Widget Registration
Lecture-57: Single.php
Lecture-58: Page.php
Lecture-59: Individual Page Template
Lecture-60: Custom Page Template
Lecture-61: Excerpt Function
Lecture-62: A Fault and Solution
Lecture-63: Archive File
Lecture-64: Comment Popup Link
Lecture-65: Comments Template
Lecture-66: Comments Styling
Lecture-67: Wordpress Pagination
Lecture-68: Designed Wordpress Pagination
Lecture-69: WP Get Search Form
Lecture-70: Search Template
Lecture-71: Content-PHP
Lecture-72: Active Menu
Lecture-73: 404 Page
Lecture-74: Use of Plugin-Automatic Installation
Lecture-75: Use of Plugin-Manual Installation
Lecture-76: Screenshot.png
Lecture-77: Lets Start Our Second Project
Lecture-78: HTML to Wordpress Live Project- 01
Lecture-79: HTML to Wordpress Live Project- 02
Lecture-80: HTML to WordPress Live Project- 03
Lecture-81: HTML to WordPress Live Project- 04
Lecture-82: Working on Live Server
Lecture-83: Installing Wordpress on Live Server Automatically
Lecture-84: Installing Wordpress on Live Server Manually
Lecture-85: Moving Site From LocalHost to LiveServer
Lecture-86: Making a Contact Form-1
Lecture-87: Making a Contact Form-2
Lecture-88: Ending Lecture

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